How To Win A Street Fight

how to win a street fightFights are not suitable and they are not solutions to problems. However, at times, they are unavoidable. Human beings usually have conflicts with one another from time to time. The conflicts, which in some cases end in fights, do not have respect of the place one is. In fact, lately, fights are occurring in places where they are least expected.

On other occasions, one may have no other option than to fight, even on the streets. The crucial question flashing across the minds of many is how to win a street fight. The reason is that such fights have become exceedingly rampant.

There are a few tips that will assist one in claiming victory whenever in a fight. The tips are as follows:

How to win a street fight without much effort.

Always be aware of the environment. As the fight, progresses, ensure you take a position where you can easily take of incase things become pretty hot. Also, make sure you are not standing in a place with objects that can be used against you.

Always shout out for help in case you need any. Your attackers could as well be robbers, therefore, in case they overpower you, shout so that people can come for your rescue.

Always ensure there is a barrier in between you and your attacker. On a street, there are so many things you can use to stop attackers from reaching you. Vehicles, dust and trash bins, or even fellow humans are some of the things you may utilize.

Strive to defend yourself. Do not allow attackers to hurt you, keep them away from you as much as you can. When trying to wound them, be accurate with your aim. Aiming at the enemies soft spots will grant you not only an easy victory but also quick victory. The soft spots you may hit at include; face, throat and kidney.

Attack the opponents from the back and prevent your own back.Back attacks are always spontaneous. Make sure they do not get you because they come when you least expect. Also, do not look at your opponent directly as this makes them realise you have them figured out. In response, they may change their strategy. It will also make them believe you are weaker than you seem, making them relax and allowing you to aim for one of the soft spots.

Use anything you may find necessary. Remember, you are fighting for your defense, and to some extent for your life. Therefore, there are no rules governing the techniques you use. Poke your opponents in their eyes or nose; this will incapacitate them to a remarkably high degree.

Use low kicks. Kick the opponent below their knees, and you will be sure of not having your leg trapped. Any other kicks above this height, you risk your leg being grabbed by the foe, if this happens, you may have so little to do so as to win again.

Use the slightest opportunity granted to escape and alert the security. You only need a space as small as a corridor in between vehicles to run, and as little as a minute to have alerted the police.

Another way to win a fight is to be prepared. Having knowledge of some simple but effective defensive movements before hand will be very valuable to you. In fact, having information of what to do if you ever find yourself in a fight situation is something you should not be without. Find out more here.


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